4 Important Q&A: Meal Kit Delivery Service

Meal kit delivery service is a new type of program that people across the country are signing up for. These kits are delivered to your doorstep each month, alleviating the need to make a trip to the supermarket or plan and prepare dinners. If you’re interested in one of these programs, be sure to Read More Here. The 4 Q&A below answer some of the most commonly asked questions concerning the delivery program.

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1- Is Meal Kit Delivery Affordable?

The costs of meal kit delivery vary from one program to the next. Many people say that Sun Basket is amongst the most affordable of the options. Compare the prices of the ingredients at the market and you’ll notice significant savings.

2- Can Anyone Prepare the Meals?

There’s always an assortment of meals to choose from, so you’re assured of getting foods that you love. But, can anyone really prepare these sometimes elegant dishes? You don’t need a lot of experience to prepare the meals included. Recipe cards and complete instructions are included with the kits, so there is nothing to worry about.

3- Is the Food Fresh?

The food that you receive in your meal kit is always fresh. Sun Basket delivers their kits weekly, uses only sustainable farm sourced food, and is the only program that is currently USDA-certified organic. The foods that come in the kits taste so much better than the foods that you see at the supermarket and always come in the highest of quality. Sun Basket even provides a money-back guarantee, just in case you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the foods inside your kits.

4- Do I Really Save Time?

One of the highlights of the meal kit delivery service is the amount of time that it saves. Not only do you avoid trips to the supermarket, you don’t spend any time prepping the foods, cutting them, or even finding them in the panty. Plus, easy-to-prepare meals usually take 30-minutes or less in the kitchen. Time is of the essence and you get it back when you read more here and choose your favorite kit.