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World’s Biggest Jackpot Winnings

If you’re interested in playing at the casino, it is likely the thrill of winning a huge jackpot that has you so excited. There is surely a considerable amount of money that you can win, though the amounts vary from one casino to the next. You can win nice amounts at online casinos like 388casino, and since sports betting is also available, you are increasing your odds even more. If you think that it is not possible to win money playing at 388casino and other casinos, take a look at some of these big winners and think again!

Archie Karas is the Poker and Craps ‘King.’ He turned $50 into $40 million in quite an impressive way (as if an explanation is necessary after that kind of win.) Karas began as a pool hustler, winning more than $1 million in the process. He turned to Poker and the casino and lost big time -to the tune of $2 million. With only $50 left in his pocket, Karas went to the Horseshoe Casino, beating 16 of the best in Poker.  His winning streak continued for about 2 years, where he’d banked $40 million or more.


Patricia Demauro was your average, ordinary grandmother who enjoyed playing Craps, a game that is intimidating to many people. One day in 2009, Demauro visited the Borgata in Atlantic City, immediately visiting the Craps table. She’d played Craps only once before. Once she held the dice, the magic kicked in and Demauro won 154 throws consecutively. She never publicly revealed her earnings, but we do know that it is at least 50 times her $10 buy-in to the game.

Don Johnson used a special technique to win big over a period of six-months. He simply researched casinos, choosing those with better than average house rules. He played at tables that allowed split hands and played at tables where his bet was doubled. He won over $15 million during this half-year period. Not bad!

Of course this is only a short list of players who’ve won big sums of money playing various games at the casino. You could very well be the next to enjoy a winning streak and these big victories but there is but one way to find out and that it by playing the game! You will love he experience and the money that you bring back home!