Termite Control

The Termite Elimination Solution To Ongoing Pestilential Problems

First the problem, and then the solution. It is always nice to end a story on a good note, don’t you think. Happy endings also have silver linings. Never a truer word was spoken when thinking about just how effective termite elimination can be, provided that it has been effectively and professionally managed. The biggest problem to do with termite infestation perhaps is leaving the home as is. But over time, all wood infrastructure is utterly devastated.

There are known cases where homes have dramatically crumbled to dust. Look this up on the internet and see if this story is far-fetched or true. Nevertheless, it is common for older homes to have active termite infestations due to the termites’ prolonged burrowing in behind walls and beneath foundations. In order to not allow such infestations to deteriorate any longer, there are tell tale signs for both home owners and termite elimination technicians to look out for.

Look out for sagging floors. There could be pinpoint holes in the drywall. Wood supports or floorboards that sound hollow are telltale signs that there may be a termite infestation. Also, bubbling or peeling paint is another clue to a looming disaster. Contract in the services of a professional or elite termite elimination squad as early as possible and they will be looking at ways and means to prevent the exacerbation or occurrence of infestations.

termite elimination

They may wish to remove all loose wood vectors. These are shrubbery, mulch, building materials and stacked firewood. It must not lie anywhere near the house. Also, the pooling of water near the house’s foundation needs to be stopped in its tracks. This can be done by filling in low ground or installing a surface drainage system. Treated lumber will be installed. It is toxic to termites and could work like a bomb.

Dead tree stumps and root systems close to the house will also need to be removed. And visible foundation cracks will need to be plugged as well. This exposure is a welcome calling card for termites.